Silage Baler: Baling and Wrapping in One Machine

Silage baler: Baling and Wrapping in one machine

The best ancestral flux in the field of agriculture was owning a machine that can perform more than one job on the farm. Everyone of us prefers an alternate that saves time by completing the task in less time contrary to last year. This is the basic reason why farmers prefer it. Silage baler is the best philosophical example in the field of agriculture. It would not only make silage bales but also wrap them up for you. This modern innovation of the agricultural department would definitely aid in saving your money by eliminating the need for a separate silage packing machine.

Silage Baler

If you desire to turn your silage into high-quality bales, then it is a must for you to have Silage Baler on your farm. This is because not beginning with a baler explicitly intended for the bale-making is completely impractical as it can’t be done with ease if you don’t have this silage machine in your farm collection. A silage baler is basically a highly equipped baler intended to deal with the uprising demand of preparing high-density bales out of substantial, heavy, high moisture fodder. Another important farm machine involved in the silage-making process is the silage wrapper. This equipment is meant to wrap the freshly prepared bales into a layer of plastic, just to make it resistant to molds as well as for ideal storage and fermentation purposes. Wouldn’t it be relaxing if both these tasks are done by a single machine? Absolutely yes. It would not only save your time, rather it actually holds absolute significance when applied practically. Stated below are some genuine reasons to support my statement.

Silage Wrapper

Being a good baler isn’t enough for top-notch silage production unless the wrapping process is not done in a proper way. A loose or leaked wrap can make all your efforts and investment go to waste, so you have to make sure your wrap adheres to itself properly and also reflects heat. However, using a Silage Baler-Wrapper capable of performing both the jobs, saves the risk to a great level as wrapping systems of the latest technology are pre-settled for it to be risk-free. Some of these up-to-date technologies incorporate film break sensors, easy film loading, Vertical/Horizontal wrapping ring, and two wrap dispensers, all of which gather make the plastic accumulate at a single point. A few wrapping frameworks are so rapid in their functioning that they can apply up to 6 layers of film in roughly 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Film on Film technology is another one among the list of top-rated technologies in which net wrap is replaced by another special binding layer that adheres more tightly than any normal one. This one can cover a large area, hence increasing your production yield as well as the value of your feed.

Silage Baler and Wrapper – Baling & Wrapping in One Machine

Many Silage Baler and Wrapper machines with high yield performance are available in the market and here is a summarized feature list, just so that farmers know how important it is to upgrade their farm with this up-to-date technology. There are a few primary features of this silage machine that set this type of baler apart from the most commercially available.

Active Performance

Right off the bat, its first top-notch significant feature is that it is 15 seconds quicker at silage baling than most of the balers you see out there. Which from the start probably won’t sound like a great deal, yet if you relate these 15 seconds or one-fourth of a minute to one-fourth of your day that would be spent just looking out for another baler to do your job. However, with Silage Baler-Wrapper, you can spend that time producing high yields of top-tier bales rather than just wasting it

Drop Floor Feature

Being a time-saving machine that is also financially savvy, it possesses another major feature that you can’t ignore. This feature is mostly named in most cases as a drop floor feature. Just in case there is a blockage while you are silage baling, it won’t be much of a problem as you can clearly drop the floor with the help of a button inside the cabin of the tractor. All you have to do is just press that button to let the feed pass through the blockage without the need to step out of your cabin. Bid farewell to the times of getting out and unblock the baler that is stuck with feed.

Interchangeable Sensors

What’s more, is this incredible key-feature that most of the latest-tech models of Silage Baler-Wrapper possess. Many Sensors on this equipment are built interchangeable which means that if one of them suddenly stops working, all that needs to be done in that case is that just switch one such sensor that is not in your use with the one that you need. This small effort will put you back to your farm and you can continue the baling procedure. This feature surely is something new and pretty useful too as it keeps ranchers running in their farm-field, eliminating the need to stop whenever some issue arises. This is new and most of the balers do not have such a feature.

Ultra-fast Transfer systems

The pre-installed transfer system works at high speed and is also protected. Its significance is that when the moving bale is on its way to the wrapping ring, the wrapping roller nearest to the chamber carrying the bale pivots out of the way. Due to which the bale under-production needs to travel less height to get to the wrapper and this would give off the best possible outcome. In some cases, a protected tip roller aids in adjusting the size in accordance with the size of the bale just to guarantee the plastic consistently goes straight to the bale’s midpoint, irrespective of whatever the bale diameter is.

iTouch Control

iTouch Control console is a fully automated setup and is controlled from inside of the cabin of your machine. You can do whatever you want to, all with comfort and legacy. It gives you the options to wrap, bale, unload/load bales, and few else that can vary from company to company.

Easily adaptable equipment

Customers, that are mostly farmers themselves, are satisfied quiet enough because of numerous features it offers. A silage Baler and Wrapper can furthermore help you reduce your carbon footprints, save your fuel, money, labor, and most importantly time. Even if things go wrong and mishandling can cause the system to stop, the override feature and a few interchangeable sensors will cover things up for you.

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