Top 5 Harvesting Machines in Pakistan

A silage machine refers to equipment required or used while preparing silage for your farm. It may include a harvester, a chopper, a baler, etc. Harvester is a type of silage machine that aids in the mechanical harvesting of a crop. The concept has been applied recently to the automated reaping of small-grain crops. In the advanced period, the main harvester to gain general acknowledgment was developed in 1831. But it is being innovated ever since, getting itself updated and loaded with the latest technologies. A harvester machine can also be defined as such a type of equipment that is required for cutting the agricultural crops, gathering, assembling, and hauling the chopped crop to other working components that can be further stacked up in the fields or stored for later use. In the case of silage preparation, the harvested crop is further chopped to be made ready for the fermentation process.

Working Principle of a harvester

It is structured in such a way that its threshing drum beats the yielded crop (i.e. maize) to separate the grains from their stalks. The grains are sieved and are allowed to fall in a gathering tank placed below. However, the undesirable material, which is basically the stalks and the chaff goes along with the conveyors known as straw walkers and ends up in the back of the harvester. The grains collected in the tank can be used for various purposes accordingly.

Combine Harvester

The hi-tech silage equipment, combine harvester is one of the biggest gifts of innovative technology in the field of agriculture. A combine is just a versatile machine intended to productively collect a wide assortment of grain crops. It got its name from its trait to be multipurpose equipment. It outperforms an old-time harvester by fulfilling three major harvesting operations. The reaping, threshing as well as wind-grading(winnowing) of a crop can be completed as a solitary procedure if you are using a combine harvester.

Perks of using a Combine Harvester

Coming up next are the upsides of Combined Harvester:

  • It is a silage machine that collectively performs the three different harvesting tasks, like harvesting, threshing, and winnowing.
  • It has diminished the expense of production and assists with reaping to be done in a brief timeframe.
  • It furthermore assists the farmer to handle the issue of a labor-deficiency during the peak harvest season.

Top 5 harvesting Machines

It is the time to look at and investigate the specifications and features of the top 5 modern-day harvesting machines that significantly expanded not only the proficiency but the productivity yields of farming operations worldwide. Mentioned below are the 5 best harvesting machines that would help you out on your farm. Moreover, this article covers the silage machine price of each harvesting machine in PKR.

New Holland TC 5.30 Combine Harvester

New Holland is a brand well-known when it comes to agricultural machinery. The recently launched combine harvester, TC 5.30, is the best option for mediocre farmers when it comes to the economy. This silage harvesting machine covers every single essential element of those expensive machines which are costly for farmers. This machine is fundamentally made for developing nations such as south Asian countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and so forth.

New Holland TC 56

This harvester came into the market in 1991. The most recent model of TC56 was released in 2010, after which it discontinued. It is an incredible performance combine harvesting machine with a truly outstanding record in its time. It is increasingly comfortable for the farmer, operating the machine, and provides higher productivity and efficiency. Its models running from 1995-2004 are accessible in the market. The best part is that this farm-machinery is available in both the hydraulic as well as mechanical versions. There is no issue with respect to the accessibility of its spare parts. Service providers are making cash out of it by running it commercially.

Kartar 4000

Kartar is continually attempting to give its customers, a hi-tech advanced reaper at a moderate cost. Their quality is top tier and by their consistent improved quality provided, Kartar never failed to amaze its users. Having a cutting bar width of 14 ft., it is one of the best self-propelled harvesters that can be used for multiple crops. it has a water-cooled 101 hp engine and a 380-liter fuel tank. Its hydraulic steering system makes it have a fast response time.

Ks Group Ks 9300 – Crop Master

Ks Group is a famous organization among farmers. Ks Group is making a wide scope of topnotch farming machines, for example, self-propelled combines, tractor-powered harvesters, Straw harvesters, Rotavators, and so on. The Ks 9300 has the efficient 4 cylinders water-cooled engine technology with five number of straw walkers. Moreover, it has a cutter bar width of 14.10 ft.


It is a renowned Japanese brand that is well known for providing advanced tractors and harvesters for its users, consistently for years. Kubota products never fall below the standard when it comes to quality. It’s also one of the best-combined harvesters with a powerful 2434 cc engine and a 60-liter fuel tank. This Kubota combine has 68 hp and a cutting bar capacity of 900 x 1903 mm.

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